One of the fastest fish in the Flats and there's no better way to catch than on fly!

The Bonefish (Albula Vulpes) commonly nicknamed the grey ghost is a fantastic game fish we often encounter in the Florida Keys. Bonefish are primarily fish that we target when they come to feed on the shallow grass and sand flats looking for food such as shrimp,crabs and any other small fish. Here in the florida keys especially Islamorada we are known to have the biggest bonefish in the world. The average fish will weigh anywhere in between 5-8lbs but catching a fish over 12lbs can be done and once you do you are part of an elite club not many can claim to be in. We target bonefish using light spinning rods rigged with either a shrimp or a small live crab or an artificial like a small bucktail jig. For the fly anglers we throw anywhere from a 7 weight to a 9 weight rod rigged with a floating line and I use a variety of custom hand tied flies. Once you hook your first bonefish whether it be 6lbs or 12lbs I guarantee you will never forget the speed of that first blistering run when he dumps most of your line.