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Winter Time fishing in Islamorada and the Everglades

January 27, 2016 - Fishing in Islamorada - , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Winter time fishing in Islamorada and the Everglades national park can be quite the experience. This time of year we target a variety of species in the Everglades like Snook, Redfish, Black drum, Sheepshead and Trout to name a few. We usually fish with jig heads and a live shrimp at the end and sometimes use scented plastic baits slowly bumped across the bottom. I had Betsy and her friend Angie aboard my skiff a couple days ago and they had a phenomenal day catching lots of big snook, redfish,trout, black drum and some sheepshead. The fish of the day had to be Betsy’s personal best Everglades snook that I estimated to be over 15 pounds.

For the fly fisherman or hard core sight fisherman this time of year is my favorite to target big Islamorada bonefish. Also in the Everglades there are plenty of big snook laying in the potholes or along the mangrove islands.

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Marks biggest bonefish



Betsys Redfish


Giant Snook





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Little Drum

Little Drum

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